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A good wife always forgives her husband when she’s wrong.

Happiness is a perfume. You cannot pour on others, without getting a few drops on yourself.

Damages don’t get repaired by sorry, they get repaired by your behavior and efforts!! no need for sorry!! bear with it

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Sad Status

One Get Used To Being Alone, But It’S Enough To Break It For A Day & You Have To Get Used To It Again From The Beginning.

Every Heart Has a Pain. Only The Way Of Expressing It Is Different. Fools Hide It In Eyes, While The Brilliant Hide It In Their Smile.

Apologizing Doesn’T Always Mean You’Re Wrong & The Other Person Is Right. It Means You Value Your Relationship More Than You Ego.

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Love Status

A Little Jealousy In A Relationship Is Good, Its Nice To Know Someone Is Afraid Of Losing You.

Falling In Love Is Only Half Of What I Want. Staring In Love With You Till Forever Is The Other.

No Matter Where I Am Or What I’M Doing, When You To Come To Mind A Smile Always Comes On My Face.

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Hindi Status

आत्महत्या कर ली गिरगिट ने सुसाइड नोट छोडकर……अब इंसान से ज्यादा मैं रंग नहीं बदल सकता।

क्या खूब मजबूरियां थी मेरी भी अपनी ख़ुशी को छोड़ दिया ” उसे ” खुश देखने के लिए 😦😦😦

बदनाम क्यों करते हो तुम इश्क़ को , ए दुनिया वालो…मेहबूब तुम्हारा बेवफा है ,तो इश्क़ का क्या कसूर..!! 🙁

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Attitude Status

Be A Girl With A Mind, A Woman With Attitude And A Lady With Class.

Coins Always Make Sound But The Currency Notes Are Always Silent! That’S Why I’M Always Calm & Silent.

Single Isn’T A Status. But It’S A Word That Describe A Person Who Is Strong Enough To Live And Enjoy Life Without Depending On Others.

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