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A As Usual, There Is A Great Woman Behind Every Idiot. (Funny Status)

A All My Life I Thought Air Was Free….Untill I Bought A Bag Of Chips.

A Am I Only The One Who Calculates How Much Sleep I Can Get Before Going To Bed ?

B Busy At This Moment…Free Forever.

B Be Strong I Whispered To My Wifi Signal.

B Be Warned : I’M Bored. This Could Get Dangerous.

D Dear Karma, I Have A List Of People You Missed.

D Dear I Know We Had Problems When I Was Younger….But I Love You Now.

D During The Day, I Don’T Believe In Ghosts. Ar Night I’M Little More Open-Minded.

E Everything Happens For A Reason. But Sometimes The Reason Is That You’Re Stupid And You Make Bad Decision. (Funny Status)

G God Is Really Creative, I Mean.. Just Look At Me Every Time .

G God Made Every Person Different. He Got Tired By The Time He Got To China.

I I’m Great In Bed. I Can Sleep For Days.

I I Can’T Taste My Lips. Could You Do It For Me ?

I I Will Do Anything Humanly Possible To Reach The Remote Without Getting Up.

L Lazy Rule : Can’T Reach It. Don’T Need It.

L Long Time Ago I Used To Have A Life, Until Someone Told Me To Get Into Social Networking.

L Life Is Too Short To Be Serious All The Time. So, If You Can’T Laugh At Yourself, Call Me….I’Ll Laugh At You. (Funny Status)

Here Are Few More Funny Status

M Math : Mental Abuse To Humans.

M Marriage Lets You Annoy One Special Person For The Rest Of Your Life.

M My Room Is Not Messy, It Is An Obstacle Course Designed To Keep Me Fit.

N Never Give Up On Your Dreams. Keep Sleeping.

N Nobody Texts Faster Than A Pissed Off Female.

N No. I Am Not Single. I Am In A Long Distance Relationship Because My Future Boyfriend Lives In Future.

P People Say Everything Happens For A Reason, So When I Punch You In The Face, Remember I Have A Reason.

P People Have Become Really Naughty On Whatsapp. Even Married Women Have Put Their Status As ” Available “.

P People Often Say Laughter Is The Best Medicine, But They Neglect To Mention That An Overdose Can Cause One’S Ass Too Fall Off.

R Remember If We Get Caught, You Are Deaf And I Don’T Speak English. (Funny WhatsApp Status)

S Sleeping Is My Drug. My Bed Is My Dealer & My Alarm Clock Is The Police.

S Sometimes You Just Want To Throw Fertilizer At People So They Grow Up.

S Sometimes, I Forgot How To Spell A Word So I Change The Whole Sentence To Avoid Using It.

T Time Is Precious. Waste It Wisely.

T There’s Always A Person That You Hate For No Reason.

T That Moment When You Miss One Step On The Stairs & You Think You’Re About To Die. (Funny Status)

W Women May Not Hit Harder. But They Hit Lower.

W With Great Power Comes Great Electricity Bill.

W When I Was A Kid I Used To Think The Moon Followed Our Car Everywhere.

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